REVIEW: Balsall Heathens – Life’s Too Short

Life's Too Short Cover

Balsall Heathens – Life’s Too Short
CD 2016 Violation Records

Balsall Heathens are a 2 piece from Birmingham, England est in 2007. The duo consists of Jock Blyth, the founding and current guitarist and songwriter of GBH, … and Sam Springer (Eastfield, Dogshit Sandwich, Screamin Abdabz, The Alcohol Licks, Contempt, The Dollcanoes, Canar du Jour, ….

Life’s Too Short’ is their début release and fits nicely in the whole folk punk, pirate punk and acoustic (punk) scene. The five songs on this EP, including a reworked version of Whisky in the jar, has nothing new to offer to the folk punk scene but their gypsy pirate punk is a pleasure to hear, its very enjoyable and a lot of fun … what do you need more? … Life’s Too Short, let’s have a party … arrch. 8/10

track list:
1. Whisky in the Giro
2. Life’s Too Short
3. The River
4. Dogfood Blues
5. Get Jiggy With It


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