REVIEW: The Leeches – On the line


The Leeches – On the line
CD/LP 2016 Nextpunk Records

‘On the Line’ seems to be the fifth album by the Italian four piece punk rock band ‘The Leeches’. It is my introduction to this band so I can’t compare here. The album has some fine and very entertaining mid and up tempo old school punk rock to offer: a bid 70s punk, a high dose of garage and rock and roll, some surf, some ‘Queers’ and some ‘Ramones’. If you hear besides some mall pronunciations and sometimes mediocre vocals you have a very enjoyable punk rock album. 7/10

Track list:
1. Inferno
2. Like it happened before
3. Hypocondie
4. Smash it up (rubble of bones)
5. Home
6. Born To Do
7. Do it again
8. Our Time is gonna come
9. Troll Hunter
10. Apes approved
11. Tony Soprano
12. Feral Child


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