REVIEW: Zeal And Ardor – Devil is Fine

Zeal And Ardor – Devil is Fine
LP 2016 Reflections Records

When you are in the reviewing business as I am you come across a lot of bands and your mailbox is bulking with review requests for all kind of releases. You get it all: the bad and even worse, the average and mediocre, the been there heard that kind, the nothing more nothing less, the worth to mention ones, the fine, the good and the great, … But every now and then you come across a band/a release you just can’t neglect and ignore. You know what I’m talking about … the extraordinary ones … the ones that creep under your skin in one way or the other. The ones you love or hate based on its music, lyrics, art, the atmosphere coming from the album or a combination of it all.

Well Reflections Records upcoming Zeal And Ardor ‘Devil is Fine’ LP is one of that last category of extraordinary ones you just can’t ignore. It certainly is a weird and not easy to chew album due to the combination of different musical styles such as slave music, gospel, spirituals, blues, black metal and some crazy I-did-not-expected-this-electro-beats-lullaby-and-whatever musical intermezzos. All backed up by a satanic theme and a dark looking artwork adds up to an occult atmosphere.

Although some of the Sacrilegium intermezzos are a bid over the top, the music, the art, the atmosphere, … nicely fits together in its own crazy and unique way without feeling like ‘a gimmick’. This one is a must have for those who like bands that create something that cross boundaries and goes off the beaten paths. 9/10

Track list:
1. Devil Is Fine
2. In Ashes
3. Sacrilegium I
4. Come On Down
5. Children’s Summon
6. Sacrilegium II
7. Blood In The River
8. What is a Killer like you gonna do here?
9. Sacrilegium III


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