REVIEW: Future Hate s/t

12004110_1212781972072150_6677181507302513287_nFuture Hate s/t
CD 2015

Future Hate is a female fronted hardcore punk band from Alabama, USA. Musically they sound like a more vicious punk version of some of the early hardcore punk bands from the eighties. Their energetic driven punk sound is like riding a rusty roller-coaster on a hot and muggy Sunday afternoon: adrenaline pumping, anxious and a bid hysteric but your are in for one hell of a ride.

Track list:
1 Plinko
2. Punch Little Babies
3. Fucking Your Wife
4. Doomed at Birth
5. Spice Jam
6. Subshit // Guillotine licker
7. Sleepover Dad


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