INTERVIEW: Muncie Girls (UK)

images‘Muncie Girls’ is Exeter, UK based punk rock trio formed about 5-6 years ago. They are named after a movie quote (red.: the recording got screwed here but I think it was from the movie ‘The Hudsucker Proxy’ ) so no hidden meaning here. Muncie Girls get its inspiration form touring, meeting people and seeing befriended bands doing well. They are also hard to categorise and therefore they got the opportunity to play with a diversity of bands.

The band consists of Lande Hekt, Dean McMullen and Luke Ellis. “We all grew up in the punk rock scene and played in bands. Lande and Dean were in a band together but they broke up. Later on the formed Muncie Girls. I filled in a couple of times on drums which worked out pretty fine so we all decided that I would join the band,” Luke explains him joining Muncie Girls and the start of the band.10565024_907860762560992_1183103005367497593_n

Their début album ‘From Caplan To Belsize’ got released earlier this year through Animal Style Records, Specialist Subject Record and Uncle M Music. Its a great album full of melancholic pop punk and indie rock where serious topics sound as catchy as mature. “We’ve had good reactions so far. The whole process of making the album, recording it, putting it out was long. It took a couple of years. We had no idea of the reaction it would get but everybody seems to like it in the UK, in Europe, … It certainly helped to get our name out after releasing only some EP’s. It is really cool to have a real album out that people can check,” Luke says.

“The album wasn’t hard to write. Some songs were written quite quickly while others took a long time. We start writing it a couple of years ago and all was going well. We decide to demo half of the album to see if we liked the songs. Than we wrote the second half, did a demo of these songs. We recorded the songs we liked and a year and a month later the album came out. The whole planning, label, the promotion, … took its time. It was a bid frustration, we don’t like that stuff, but we knew that if we played it right the album would get its best release. The whole time we kept on working, touring, … We did 3 release shows and there was a crazy response to the album,” Luke adds.


The title of the album is a reference to the book the Bell Jar by poet Sylvia Plath. ‘From Caplan To Belsize’ references the two asylums the book’s protagonist is kept in. Its all about going from one place you are struggling in life to another …. Its a journey … going form Caplan to Belsize … from a secure place to a less secure one.

Muncie Girls are a great band, so go see them when the hit your town.


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