NEWS: Ink Bomb announces release date for debut-EP “Invincible Summer”


Dutch melodic punkrock band INK BOMB will be releasing its debut-EP Invincible Summer on september 20th. It will be available in a CD version and via all known streaming platforms like Spotify, Itunes, etc. The release show will take place on the 24th of september in the former Nijmegen (NL) squat De Onderbroek and will also feature performances by the bands He Said No and the Biarritz Boys.

Invincible Summer contains 6 new songs including two versions of the song “Stale”: a driving,full-band version as well as a more subdued, acoustic version. The drums were tracked with the help of Kees de Waal in the Nijmegen bar Weerlicht. The other instruments were tracked and mixed by the band themselves in a sweaty attic. Mastering was done by Nico van Montfort at XPZ Sound.

unnamedInk Bomb hails from Nijmegen in the Netherlands. Their music can be described as a mix of Bad Religion, Descendents and Pears. The band members first met in 2015 with the purpose of forming a band to play raw, melodic punkrock. Each of them had previous band experience from well known local dutch acts such as Superhero-NL, Planet Eyelash and Anders Niemand. The first result of the practice sessions that followed: a self recorded demo containing an explosion of feisty punk rock and crunchy guitar lines, pounding bass, a drummer on a continuous overdrive and enthusiastic vocal work from a singer suffering from a healthy dose of Weltschmerz. Subsequently the band played several shows in the area and even some abroad. This experience culminated in the new batch of energetic songs to be found on the debut-EP Invincible Summer.
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