REVIEW: Angstgegner – s/t

cover (2)Angstgegner – s/t
LP 2016 Shield Recordings / Black Death Records

Angstgegner is the solo project by Martijn Konings (ex-Otis, The Unborn, Schelles) that grew completely out of hand to a two man hardcore punk band with Mario Van Meer on vocals. On stage they are backed up by Jean Morreau (NRA, ex-Human Alert) on bass and Ruud van Esch (ex-Fehler, ex-Razorblade) on drums.

Angstgegner first songs got released on a split 7” with Enfant Terribles Tarantino through Black Death Records and this s/t album is their début full length. Its out since 8 July 2016.

Angstgegner brings hardcore punk as it should be, stripped down to the core and focused on the three basic principles: HARD, CORE and PUNK. With its 16 raw and aggressive unpolished songs you get an album that is worthy to carry the name hardcore punk with pride. With this album Angstgegener shows its great potential and I’m convinced that they will have a bright future ahead. This one is a real must have. 8,5/10

Track list:
1. Intro/ Angstgegner
2. The Bearded Lady
3. I Shot The Deputy
4. Donut Patrol
5. Tongue Tied
6. Back To The Future II
7. Calloused Hands
8. Itch You Can’t Scratch
9. Born Stupid
10. Early Midlife Crisis
11. Whelmed
12. Elephant In The Room
13. M.B.P.
14. Bypass My Heart
15. Divine Interventions
16. 100% Not Sure


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