Passion for Vinyl: Hans Roofthooft

passion for vinyl

Hans Roofthooft, guitarist and vocalist by F.O.D. and Hans Roofthooft acoustic

Why your passion for Vinyl?
It started when I was very little, my dad played records and I found it very fascinating. I could watch it play of hours while listening to the music and that just stayed.

Which turntable do you use?
I just got a new Stanton turntable, I had a Technics for 20 years. The Stanton is affordable and it does everything I want it to do.

What are your 5 most favourite records?
1. Abbey Road – The Beatles
2. Powerslave – Iron Maiden
3. Stranger than Fiction- Bad Religion
4. Less talk more rock – Propagandhi
5. Bridge Across Forever – TransAtlantic

Beatles_-_Abbey_Road Iron_Maiden_-_Powerslave b094b8ef935bc9f06d38961c3b918762 220px-Propagandhi_-_Less_Talk,_More_Rock_cover TransAtlanticBridgeAcrossForever

What is your most favourite album cover?
Abbey Road – The Beatles. The most iconic album cover ever.


Original or repress?
I don’t mind as long as the music that is on it is the same, its good.

Black, Colour or Picture disc?
Again, as long as it sounds good I don’t really care, but no picture disc due to the lesser quality. I want records to play not to look at.

A Vinyl Tip?
Don’t touch the record with your fingers!


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