REVIEW: Die My Demon – Same World Different Eyes

Die My Demon – Same World Different Eyes
7” EP 2016 Demons Run Amok

Well Belgium’s hardcore band Die My Demon is back on track. The band started back in 1999 but after recording a first demo and playing some local shows the band was put on hold. In 2001 they came back but called it quits 5 years later. In 2008 they did some reunion shows. In 2014 they did another reunion show, found their groove again and started to rock and roll more alive than ever.

In August Demons Run Amok re-released their 4 song EP ‘Same World Different Eyes’ as a 7” (originally released als MCD on FWH Records) giving it the vinyl release it deserves. A must have for every old school hardcore fan who likes rough, pissed off, mid-tempo and groovy hardcore. 8/10

Track list:
1. My Escape
2. Substance
3. Nothing Left
4. Bagging for Mercy


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