REVIEW: The Thingz – Troubles Begin

a1261349658_16The Thingz – Troubles Begin
LP 2016 Coffee Addict Records

The thingz are a Long Beach California, USA based trio who are jamming around since the late 90’s. ‘Troubles Begin’ is their latest release. Influenced by bands as The Drags, The Clash, The Sonics, Billy Childish and many others The Thingz play garage rock with a high dose of punk. They only need one guitar, a bass and some drums to spread their rock’n’roll and also in case of ‘The Thingz’ the simple ones are often the best ones … less is more you know. ‘Troubles Begin’ is full of songs with a good rock’n’roll beat, nice rhythms, and dual male/female vocals which gives the sound that something extra. Maybe it is not all that extraordinary but it’s a more then decent release if you love garage punk rock. 7,5/10

Track list:
1. Shadows
2. Serpent’s Tooth
3. Dead Time
4. Dead Mountain Rock
5. Trouble
6. Stumbling Blues
7. Tell Me Why


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