Passion for Vinyl: Trophy Lungs (USA)

passion-for-vinylTrophy Lungs is a four piece punk band from Boston formed by Kelly (bass), Kevin (guitar), David (guitar), and Bren (drum). They seem to be playing their final show on October 15th.

Why your passion for Vinyl?
The band agrees that listening to vinyl records is something that acquires you to sit down and listen to the music. You have to sit down, spin it and appreciate the music. It gives you the opportunity to absorb it instead of just listening to music as a way to pass time on the train, on your way to work, …

It also forces you to interact with the entire presentation of a record the way that the artist intended it. Vinyl records give you more opportunities when it comes to artwork, die cut, colour, …

Now that CD’s are phasing out, vinyl records have a physicality that you don’t have with digital music, like going to the records store, holding it in your hand, …

Also, you have to listen to the whole album instead of picking songs, ….

Which turntable do you use?
One of the guys used to have a Crossley all-in-one kind of turntable, it did his job but it’s NOT a good turntable. The others have a used Technics or U-Turn Audio Turntables.

What are your 5 most favourite records?
1. Horsebox – Leatherface
2. Not Like This – Iron Chic
3. Get Better – Lemuria
4. Some Ringer record (sorry the recording screwed up here)

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What is your most favourite album cover?
Any horror comic themed Misfits cover will do.

The whole package of the live album by the experimental Japanese metal band Boris is so sick. It is an orange marble vinyl record with a die cut sleeve that opens up to another picture…

Great Lakes from Boston’s last release has some kind of 3D pop up cover art.


Original or repress? Black, Colour or Picture disc?
It is all about listening to the music and not about the collecting.

Some people spent a lot of money on an original press but specially in punk music none of the bands want you to spent 200 dollars on an original press.

There is also a terrible trend in reselling records now, flipping records … like they stopped carrying about bands.

If there is a record I really want to have in some different colours, I get the colour.

A Vinyl Tip?
If you are in a band don’t press vinyl 🙂 if you are in a label press them it’s a money pit 🙂

If you travel around a lot, care about your money, if you want your girlfriend to love you, don’t buy them. If you are crazy about music like us, buy them.


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