REVIEW: Halcyon Hope – Onward To Fracture Town

halcyon-hope-onward-to-fracture-town-album-coverHalcyon Hope – Onward To Fracture Town
CD2016 Prime Collective

On 7 October 2016 the Danish band Halcyon Hope (est. 2013) will release their latest album ‘Onward To Fracture Town’. It is the follower to the 2014 album ‘Northern Lights’.

Musically Halcyon Hope delivers a qualitative blend of pop punk, alternative rock and emo. So, ‘Onward To Fracture Town’ offers a collection of poppy, energetic and melodic emo driven rock songs with opener ‘Against The Wall’ as a personal highlight. There are some great songs on this album that certainly are a pleasure to listen to but it can be a drag at times. The album can use some extra roughness, some extra raw power to my taste to make it all a little more interesting. 7/10

Track list:
1. Against The Wall
2. Wear Me Like A Crown
3. Marshland
4. Once A Sleepy Backwater
5. Clandestine
6. Beggars Belief
7. Fawn
8. Mono In Stereo
9. Bitter Rain
10. Burning Effigy
11. A1
12. Tomorrow


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