REVIEW: Ink Bomb – Invincible Summer

14344282_1617086345256470_1612583704771655958_nInk Bomb – Invincible Summer
EP 2016 DIY

Ink Bomb is a punk rock band from Nijmegen (the Netherlands) who just released their début EP ‘Invincible Summer’. Musically they play melodic skate punk rock as we all know from the greats as the Descendents, Bad Religion, …. So what you get is good energetic up tempo punk rock like it was hot in the nineties. So far so good but unfortunately it is not always fronted by good, strong vocals. Okay you can say, this is punk rock it does not always has to be in tune, … but I find the vocal capacities lacking in quality and strength and that’s too bad.

Track list:
1. Survey Says
2. Invincible Summer
3. Stale
4. Battering Ram
5. Eisenhower
6. Stale (acoustic)


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