REVIEW: Crown Court – Capital Offence

rr165Crown Court – Capital Offence
CD/LP Rebellion Records

Rebellion Records just released the new Crown Court album ‘Capital Offence’. It is their first full-length after their demo and the EP’s ‘Ruck And Roll’ and ‘The English Disease’.

‘Capital Offence’ follows the path set out by its predecessors and brings rough pissed off London Oi in the Crown Court tradition. Although it seems that the expanded their sound with some extra melody and style variations but without losing power and roughness. Fans of modern British Oi can buy this one without hesitation. 7.5/10

Track list:
1. Sammy Skyves
2. Media Blackout
3. What Are You Going To Do?
4. Hated But Rated
5. 22
6. Brotherhood Of The Banned
7. Thames Sake
8. Breakout
9. Disco Nigthmare
10. Attack
11. Park Lane Boys
12. The Province
13. Shapes Of The Day


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