REVIEW: Complaint – Take a stand

14470507_544471059091571_7257134312876016556_nComplaint – Take a stand
CD 2016 DIY

The hardcore/Oi outfit Complaint (NL) is back with a new album. ‘Take a stand’ is the successor of their debut ‘We’re right, you’re wrong’ and again it is a short, fast and loud mix of hardcore and Oi! So, “More of the same?”, I here you say. Well … in a way yes … ’Take a Stand still offers a raw mix of 80s pissed off hardcore and Oi. But where their début lacked in some fine-tuning and quality they learned their lesson and took a huge step forward resulting in 11 songs that have that extra pinch I was missing in the début. 8/10

Track list:
1. Just another day
2. On the frontline
3. Ten on one
4. Coming after you
5. Locked away
6. Unity
7. Step back
8. Take a stand
9. One more drink
10. Encore (une boisson)
11. Still right


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