REVIEW: No Thrills – Razorblades

no-thrills-razorblades-cd-frontNo Thrills – Razorblades
CD 2016 Violated Records 

No Thrills is a UK punk band formed in 1998 by singer Pez and has undergone numerous line-up changes with founding singer Pez as the only original member. The band has released 2 previous albums ‘Against Them All’ and ‘Punk Rock Til I Die’. The new album ‘Razorblades’ has some good singalong punk tunes with a rocking beat build on the classic UK punk tradition. 7.5/10


1 .Razorblades and Piano Keys
2. Janet’s Had Boob Job
3. Porky Was A Punk Basher
4. This Can’t Go On
5. It’s What’s Inside
6. Jack Shit
7. Blah Blah
8. Jimmy
9. Don’t Do That
10. We Don’t Want Your War
11. Drunken Generation
12. 4 Days Of Chaos


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