REVIEW: Landlines – Logical Fallacies

Landlines – Logical Fallacies
CD 2016 – North Empire Records

Landlines is a punk rock trio from the Netherlands who started out in 2013 when three long-time friends decided to make music together. So far they released a demo EP in 2014, a split EP early 2015 and their début full length ‘Logical Fallacies’ is out since February this year.

‘Logical Fallacies’ contains 10 punk rock songs fronted by hoarse vocals. The songs are mostly inspired by melodic American punk rock and streetpunk. Also the new breed of British punk rock bands come to mind … the more melancholy ones. In a way it contains almost the best of both worlds.

You have to give ‘Logical Fallacies’ the chance to grow on you and with some fine tuning here and there Landlines has a good future ahead. 7.5/10

Tack List:
1. First Comes Philly
2. A Shred Of Dean Moriarty Kinship
3. Something a Little Less Demonic, Please
4. I’m Losing You(th)
5. I Was A Still Life On Your Wall
6. Good Enough
7. Vagabond Of The Wastes
8. Ghost Reverie
9. Karma Police, Open Up!
10. Miles of Engagement


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