REVIEW: Bitter Grounds – Hollowlands

Bitter Grounds – Hollowlands
CD/LP 2016
Ring Of Fire Records / Bad Granola Records / Nextpunk Records

On 16 December Bitter Grounds will release its début full length Hollowlands. If you have read my review of their Remnants EP you will know that Bitter Grounds consist of (amongst others) Beans (NL) members. Beans was a punk rock band with a love for punk, ska and reggae and well so is Bitter Grounds.

With its rough around the edges and raw streetpunk sound mixed with ska and reggae, Bitter Grounds offer a very attractive, addictive and divers sound from melodic punk rock fury to more soulful reggae vibes. Spiced up with a dose of frustration, anxiety, … it gives the songs a darker vibe, unlike the more traditional skapunk, leaving a bitter taste in your mouth at times. I hope this band has a good future ahead because this début is certainly well done. 8.5/10

Track list:
1. Hollowlands
2. Struck out
3. Tell me now
4. Life of Violence
5. Human Touch
6. Patience
7. Pressure
8. Fine, Alright
9. Dead in my head
10. Breakdown
11. Trouble


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