REVIEW: Bruce – My latest popstar crush

15078795_10153865213682397_1951453074503664656_nBruce – My Latest Popstar Crush
CD DIY 2016

Belgian garage punk band Bruce has a new album out and honestly you all should know about it. The album contains eight tracks with only two songs going over 2 minutes and the closing track ‘Bug me’ licking the heels of Mr. One Minute.  So ‘My latest Popstar Crush’ is full of short,  furious, energetic, catchy and rocking punk tracks straight outta Osschot (and Bilzen).  No unnecessary hooks and riffs here but just plain and simple no-nonsense punk with a good vibe that you just keep setting on repeat. 8/10.

Track list:
1. My Latest Popstar Crush
2. Fix My Brains
3. Sinful Ink
4. Perfect Ladygarden
5. Pass Pa
6. Treehugger
7. Next Time
8. Bug Me


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