screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-11-23-02Last Light is a melodic hardcore band from Orange County, California and its members are involved in in the hardcore scene for many, many years. Initially attracted to the speed and energy of the music, the powerful and positive message, and the passion… After reuniting with their previous bands for a benefit for a fallen friend they realized they are not done, and have so much more to contribute. Here’s the result of an e-mail interview I did with Last Light guitarist Joe D. Foster. (photo’s by Last Light)

OOS: “Last Light has former members of Unity, Uniform Choice, Ignite, … in its line-up so let’s start with the obvious: please introduce the band?”
Joe D.: “Ok, we are Jae Hansel (vocals) from Twilight Transmission and Outspoken, John Coyle (guitar) from Outspoken and Kill the Messenger, Joe D. Foster (guitar), John Lorey (bass) from Unity, Blood Days and Uniform Choice and Danny Baeza (drums).”

OOS: “You all have your own history in hardcore, what motivated you to start Last Light and how did the band came together?”
Joe D.: “A lot of it had to do with the unhappiness me, Jan and John felt in Blood Days, things were just not working out so me and Jae traded a few songs over at Brett Rasmussen’s (Ignite) house and were preparing to do a new band at some time. Jae played to Coyle and he loved it and wanted to play guitar for us to. I think it all kind of came to a point after we all played the Jon Bunch memorial show that we had a lot more to give. It’s weird because I knew of Coyle my whole life and lived near him but never actually met him. We basically just clicked right away and now we are really good friends. This is the best lineup I have ever been a part of. Everyone cares about each other and we hang out outside the band. It’s so fun being around all those guys and they rip on their instruments so song writing is really easy with them.”screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-11-24-32

OOS: “A few weeks ago you released a video for the song ‘Conquer and Rise’. What’s the song all about and why this one for your video début?”
Joe D.: “It’s actually a song I wrote while working on some new Ignite material with Brett. Basically when Blood Days broke up, Brett was like you guys should just have Jae sing on that song and see what happens. The lyrics are about believing in yourself and staying positive.”

OOS: “You guys are releasing a split record with ‘Tausend Loewen Unter Feinden’, one of the coolest hardcore bands coming out of Germany lately. How did this collaboration happen?”
Joe D.: “Our manager and dear friend Sven Gunther arranged it and actually had played me TLUF over a year ago when he stayed at my house in the US. I have been into them since the first time I ever heard them and was really happy to have a chance to do a split with them. We are also doing a tour in Europe with them next year, September-October.”


OOS: “Can we expect a Last Light EP or full album soon?”
Joe D.: “We just recorded a UC cover for Mike Gitter’s compilation and have 3 others already recorded. We are back in the studio mid-January to record 3 more and are working our way to a full length LP asap.”

OOS: “What are the main values you want to spread with this band and why?”
Joe D.: “Kindness, self-worth and positivity. Why? because those things are so important in life and it’s easy to caught up in things in the world that bring you down so we want to focus on what’s positive and important to us and hopefully others.”

OOS: “Great values … with all the shit that’s going on lately (war in Syria, IS/ISIL/Daesh/…, climate change, …) we can all use some kindness, hope and positive thoughts. Just reading this you made me dig for my favorite ignite album ‘family’. You’re on it as I’m not mistaken. Is that album a good reference for what you have in mind with Last Light?”
Joe D.: “Your right, I played on Family and that is a good point of reference for the message of Last Light.”


OOS: “who came up with that Last Light graphic/logo/artwork? What does it represent, it looks like some kind of light at the horizon and is there a deeper meaning beyond the band name?
Joe D.: “I do all the artwork and the light logo is actually a Lighthouse. The name was either thought of by Jae or Coyle, can’t remember who. I think it was Coyle but it has a few meanings to us. The main being it references the end of the day where there is still a little sun left to end the day on a positive note, and the other is a general surfing term we use in California for going out and catching a wave before it gets dark, i.e.: doing one last fun, happy or positive thing before it gets dark.”


OOS: “Any main goals you want to achieve with Last Light?”
Joe D.: “Tour as much as we can and write as many albums as possible. I would say 2 full lengths, 1 EP and 2 7”s would be a perfect goal for now.”


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