REVIEW: Royal Jake – Retaliate-The Answer

cover-rtaRoyal Jake – ‘Retaliate-The Answer
Royal Jake is a Belgium three-piece metalcore band who released a new EP a few months ago called ‘Retaliate the Answer’. They were established in 1992 and since their reincarnation at the end of 2010 Royal Jake evolved from being a grunge and groove metal band towards a metal, hardcore and/or metalcore band hallway 2015.

Their new EP offers 5 brand new (+ intro) brutal, energetic and groovy metalcore songs. It is not all that original but that’s mostly the deal with hardcore/metalcore bands. Nevertheless Royal Jake surely knows how to blend metal and hardcore into quality metalcore making ‘Retaliate – The Answer’ a more then decent record. 7/10

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Retaliate – The Answer
3. Apocalyptic Treasure
4. Sacrifice You
5. Cassandra complex
6. NGB


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