NEWS: Violated Records re-releases.

12038310_959325860790333_2569284672498582858_n  Violoated Records has released or is releasing some classics like Parasites “Pair Of Sides” this is the Parasites debut album that was recorded in 1990 originally for the now defunct Shredder Records. This album has been completely out of print since it was originally pressed in 1990 and was only previously available on LP and Cassette.

cover-artViolated Records are completely thrilled to re-release “Pair Of Sides” for the first time in 26 years on CD and LP with all tracks being completely remastered by Violated Records own Arik Victor.

menace-front-and-back menace-sleeve-face
They will also release 2014’s “London Stories” by Menace. “London Stories picks up where the band has left off continuing to pound away the classic sound that the band is known for. “London Stories” was originally self-released by the band as a cd only release in 2014 and is now being released in the USA by Violated Records on LP on limited color vinyl. “London Stories” features classic tracks such as “Vote Punk Rock”, “London”, “It’s About” and “Walk Away” which will sure to please all Menace fans. Also “Rogues Gallery” that has been out of print for nearly 10 years is re-released.

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