REVIEW: Violent Society / External Menace Split 12”

external-menace-back-coverOB-GD17D.pdf Violent Society / External Menace Split 12”
LP 2016 Creep Records / Violated Records

Creep Records / Violated Records released a split 12” last year with USA veterans Violent Society and classic punk band External Menace from Scotland UK. The A side offers 3 new Violent Society tracks full of blasting social-political hardcore punk while the External Menace side has 2 ska/punk tracks to offer that were recorded in 2014. These two songs will appeal to the fans of the more classic British punk who like bands as the Clash, … If you are a fan of both bands and/or you like Discharge, Uk Subs, The Clash, … you will like this one. So go check it out. 7,5/10

Track list:
Violent Society Side:
1. Simcha
2. Abandoned City
3. All The Same
External Menace Side:
1. Citizen Canned
2. No Uniform

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