REVIEW: Miozän – Surrender Denied

15781273_665568026936799_5924195238629768493_nMiozän – Surrender Denied
CD 2017 Demons Run Amok Records

German antifascist hardcore band Moizän is back and they are back with a BANG. First of all here’s a brief Miozän history: the band was founded in 1991 but it all ended in 2001, they got back together once in 2009 to perform at the famous Conne Island club in Leipzig and in 2014 they reignited the band for real. Original band members Frank and Kuddel decided to put a brand new line-up together to give the world a new take on classic old school hardcore.

Now the new album ‘Surrender Denied’ is out and it became a very personal album for Frank who was fighting cancer during the song writing and production process. Anno 2017 Miozän doesn’t sound dated at all. Their energetic, melodic and full of emotions (due to the circumstances) old school hardcore still has that classic feel but it all sounds fresh and powerful. It seems like Miozän has started its second youth with a head start. 8/10

Track list:
1.Broken Wing
2. Dare to Dream
3. Surrender Denied
4. Reach out
5. 4 Chord Truth
6. No more Words
7. Back to the Wall
8. Light up the Stake
9. Underdog
10. Realise
11. Straight form the Heart
12. We´ll make the difference (Cover)


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