REVIEW: F.O.D. – Harvest

14980610_10154122653977775_8736971663827491248_nF.O.D. – Harvest
CD/LP 2017 Funtime Records, Effervescence Records, Bird Attack Records, Bells On Records

F.O.D. does not need any introduction, the last 5+ years they have grown to one of Belgium finest melodic punk rock bands playing numerous shows including a tour in Spain, Canada and a spot at Punkrock Holliday in Slovenia. They even earned themselves an American and Japanese record deal.

It’s February 2017 and ‘Harvest’ just got released. It’s their third full-length containing 17 tracks of mature top notch melodic punkrock with good vocal harmonies and great musical craftsmanship. The album also deals with a diversity of personal (due to personal setbacks) and social-political subjects making ‘Harvest’ their most emotional and darkest album so far. But where there is suffering there is hope. To Conclude ‘Harvest by F.O.D. is another fine piece of Belgian punkrock to embrace. 9/10
Track list:
1. 41
2. Crew You
3. Last
4. Party at Olm Street 10
5. Autism Spectrum Disorder Blues
6. Forever Grateful (for Toon)
7. There’s A Place (where we can go to)
8. So Far
9. Morally Blind
10. Credit Where Credit Is Due
11. Kiss Away
12. Never Be Just Anyone
13. American
14. Act Of Consecration
15. High Street Gloria
16. This Year Has Been The Worst Yet
17. Seven Times


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