REVIEW: Born As Lions – Greed

a0596612394_16Born As Lions – Greed
EP 2017 DIY

On 1 April 2017 German, Frankfurt four piece ‘Born As Lions’ will release their EP ‘Greed’. 19 minutes of tough hardcore wrapped in one instrumental intro and five songs. The Intro ‘Zenith’ create an atmosphere that really stirs your interest and makes you hunger for more. That intro gratefully burst into the second track ‘Prophets’ and what follows are some good moshable, head banging hardcore and metalcore tunes about corruption, manipulative media, religion and its followers, …with ‘The Divine Divide’ as my personal favourite. Well conducted heavy hardcore with a message, sums it up pretty fine. 8/10

Track list:
1. Zenith
2. Prophets
3. The Divine Divide
4. Vultures
5. Fire And Smoke
6. Trapped In A Box


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