REVIEW: Fifteen Years – Welcome To Hell

a2781813121_10Fifteen Years – Welcome To Hell
EP 2017 DIY

Earlier this year Bristol (UK) based punk rock band ‘Fifteen Years’ released their first EP Called ‘Welcome To Hell’. Musically it goes back to the 90s and early 2000s, the high days of melodic punk rock and skatepunk but spiced up with USA hardcore punk and even some UK punk.

With opener ‘Come On And Die’ the EP does not miss its start but the follower ‘Sail Away’ is even better. It is faster and has more of a wasted sound making it a bid rougher around the edges. ‘Suburban Wasteland’ has a more hardcore punk vibe and towards the end the songs seem to get punkier making ‘Welcome To Hell’ is a very promising début. 8/10

Track List:
1.Come On And Die
2.Sail Away
3.Suburban Wasteland
5.Rise And Fall
6.Reasons to Believe


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