REVIEW: Northern Blues – Splitmind


Northern Blues – Splitmind
CD2017 Prime Collective

Let me introduce ‘Northern Blues’ to you. They are a Copenhagen based hardcore band who are going to release their new album ‘Splitmind’ in coming March. The band already released two EP’s and this is the band’s first full length.

Musically ‘Splitmind’ has some heavy, fast and modern hardcore to offer shrouded in a dark and depressive atmosphere due to the lead singer condition. Him suffering from anxiety inspired the album which is centered around mental illness. So ‘Splitmind’ certainly isn’t an easy to chew record. Guess it took some courage to write. Although it can use some more musical variety, it is definitely worth checking out if you can handle the trip. 8/10
Track list:

1. Skin
2. A friend of mine
3. Four Hundred
4. Trough Me
5. Faded
6. Hush
7. When The Lights Hit Low
8. Dust
9. Vanity
10. Dive
11. Soothing


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