REVIEW: The Thingz – Vault of Tomorrow

the-thingz-vault-of-tomorrow-coverThe Thingz – Vault of Tomorrow
LP 2017 Coffee Addict Records

Long Beach California, USA garage rock band The Thingz are back with a new album. ‘Vault of Tomorrow’ is the follower to their 2016 EP ‘Troubles Begin’. Honestly I’m not always a fan of the sound of the female vocals but I do appreciate their stripped down 60s inspired (garage) rock’n’roll tunes, their raw and unpolished sound and their punk attitude. If you are into underground garage rock, check it out, you might like it. 7,5/10

Track list:
1. black dust
2. Vault of Tomorrow
3. Soul Mates
4. Mercy Brown
5. Almost Real
6. Gospel Swamp
7. Lotta Moth Action
8. Life and Fate
9. Good Trash, Bad Trash
10. White Pants
11. Human Fly


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