REVIEW: Black Volvo – Bad Driving

coverblackvolvoBlack Volvo – Bad Driving
CD 2017 TNS and Make-That-A-Take records.

Black Volvo straight out of Amsterdam rock city are releasing their second album ‘Bad Driving’ on TNS and Make-That-A-Take records on 17 March. The release also has a Belgium connection cause it got recorded by Tim at Big Dog Recordings in Antwerp.

Musically ‘Bad Driving’ has some heavy and rough around to edges punk rock and roll to offer. It is loud, it is fast, it is punk, it is Motörhead, it is Peter Pan Speedrock, it is a rock and roll rollercaster. It is bad, it is a bid monotonous, it is bad-ass, it is good, it is madness, it is catchy and entertaining, it is fun. 8/10

Track list:
1. To Shit Is To Live
2. Paranoia
3. Punkrock Family
4. Molly
5. Hangin’ Johnny
6. Trailer
7. Self Medicator
8. Repeat Again & Again
9. Pants on Fire
10. Hillegom Hellbound
11. Eagle Mind
12. Drunk Train
13. Lazy Bones
14. Burlesque Dancer
15. Woodwork Saved My Life
16. Irish Man in a Scottish Pub
17. Rebel Revolution Red Wine


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