REVIEW: Toxic Shock & Team Panini

Toxic Shock & Team Panini
7” 2017 Lost Youth Records

Antwerp based thrash and hardcore punk band Toxic Shock joined forces with hip hop, rap duo Team Panini on this ‘Brainwash’ 7″ vinyl EP . It’s a great crossover joint venture between two of Antwerp finest. The song ‘Brainwash’ was specially written for the ‘Walk This Way – Revisited Antwerp Judgment night album to celebrate 30 years ‘Walk This Way’, the Aerosmith – Run DMC collaboration. This song is also the best track on this EP thanks to the great music by Toxic Shock and the lyrical strength by Team Panini. The B-side has the two tracks ‘Kak op flik’ and the Beastie Boys cover ‘Beastie Boys’, which are nice additions to the 7” but it can’t compete with ‘Brainwash’. This 7” is a must have for the fans of both bands and another fine Lost Youth Records release. 8.5/10

Track list:
A1. Brainwash
B1. Kak op flik
B2. Beastie Boys (org. By Beastie Boys)


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