REVIEW: The Old Firm Casuals – Wartime Rock ‘N’ Roll

The Old Firm Casuals – Wartime Rock ‘N’ Roll
LP/CD 2017 Rebellion Records

Recently The Old Firm Casuals released four new tracks on a nice looking 12” vinyl with an etched B-side. The CD version has ‘Sanctuary City’ as a bonus track. Opener ‘Hell’s A Lot Better’ really kicks in nicely with its clapping beat and raw and rasping vocals, setting the expectations for this new EP on a high level. Followers ‘Sex Case’ and ‘1312’ are more up-tempo songs in a good Old Firm Casuals tradition but OFC saved the best for last. ‘Wartime Rock ‘n’ Roll is one of those streetpunk songs you just want to put on repeat over and over again. It’s a great mid-tempo song with a good rocking vibe and nice melodies in honour of the fallen soldiers that never made it home. I’m not a fan of anything war related but for some reason songs like this always give me goosebumps in a positive way. 8.5/10

Track list:
A1 Hell’s A Lot Better
A2 Sex Case
A3 1312
A4 Wartime Rock ‘n’ Roll
Etched B-side
Sanctuary city (bonus track CD version)


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