REVIEW: The Spacelys – s/t

The Spacelys – s/t
CD 2017 DIY

I’ve been following The Spacelys frontman Gerd his bands for many years now and always liked what he produced with The Murdocks, The Red Light Rumors, The Raunchy Rumors, Buzzkill Sultan and now this renewed Buzkill Sultan: The Spacelys. With the Spacelys he goes back in time to my most favourite punk rock era, the early and mid-seventies, when bands like The Buzzcocks, The Undertones, Stiff little Fingers, Cock Sparrer, … were active. By  giving that early seventies working class punk his own (Gerd) distinctive twist and by adding some pop/surf punk to the mix you get a great kind of punk rock that leaves a taste for more, plenty more in your mouth. Ooh .. you need to like cartoons too. 9/10

Track list:
1. Whatcha gonna do?
2. Froggy
3. Supernova
4. Sunday Cartoons


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