REVIEW: Mise En Scene – One Way

Mise En Scene – One Way
CD 2017 DIY

Listening to the new Mise En Scene album while riding my bike on a sunny morning on my way to work is quite a pleasure. I lost track wih this band after their 2004 ‘Let The Good Times Roll’ album and it seems that the band throughout the years has undergone some line-up changes. Also musically the band evolved from a more streetpunk ska band to a ska, reggea, rocksteady, dub, gipsy band. The music of today certainly sounds great and much richer then during the ‘Let The Good Times Roll’ days with the gipsy elements, the dub and the two-tone ska influences. One Way is an album with a good vibe and a must have for the Ska fans. 8/10

Track list:
1. Blackout
2. Warpath
3. Mexican Dub
4. Control
5. Set My Mind Free
6. Fragile


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