REVIEW: At Both Ends – Wheel’s Out The Window

At Both Ends – Wheel’s Out The Window

CD 2017 Morning Wood Records

‘Wheel’s Out The Window’ is Sacramanto, California ‘At Both Ends’ début full-lenght and the followser to the band’s 2015 four-track EP called ‘Knackered’. Founded in 2014 they bring a mix of skate punk and ska.

‘Wheel’s Out The Window’ is mostly packed with straight-forward skate punk full of heavy riffs, good harmonies and nice melodies. Imagine Pennywise with a horns section playing some skate punk influenced by Less Than Jake and the Voodoo Glow Skulls in between. Noting mindblowing or genious but decent punk with some ska mixed in. 7,5/10

Track list:
1. Jump Ship
2. Out Of Time
3. Freedom
4. Sunshine & Love
5. Your Way
6. Where’s The Line
7. Go
8. Burning The Candle
9. Blinded
10. Up To Me
11. Come And Gone
12. Daze Of Praise
13. …That’s Why I’ll Die Alone


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