REVIEW: Raw Power – Inferno

Raw Power – Inferno
CD/LP 2017 Demons Run Amok

Legendary hardcore band Raw Power is about to release a new album through Demons Run Amok. This Italian hardcore punk outfit is around since the early eighties and in their long history they shared stages with nearly every big name in Punk and Hardcore.

With their new record ‘Inferno’ they make no compromises sticking to their raw and straight forward social political hardcore punk. Nothing new or innovative: no mess no fuzz just pure 80s old school as it can be. If your fine with that then you can’t go wrong with the new Raw Power.

Track list:
1. Look the Other Way
2. You Don´t Know Your Enemy
3. Inferno
4. All It Takes Its One Minute
5. How Many Bands
6. Sono Morto
7. I Lost My Patience
8. Mean Machine
9. The Jurassic Hounds
10. Amici
11. Didico Queste Righe
12. Prison
13. You Were Right
14. Harassment
15. La Paura


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