In 1993 this melodic hardcore punk band was formed in Orange County. Fronted by Zoli Teglas Ignite became an international touring force with numerous air miles on their counter resulting in headlining sold-out shows in venues and on festivals across the world. Including this year’s edition of Groezrock. This summer you (Belgian fans) can also catch them at Rock Herk with Dog Eat Dog, Channel Zero and many more. More info at

Over the years the band members also took some time to explore other musical adventures: Zoli took up vocal duties for Pennywise, Craig played in Strife, Brian was writing and recording with Into Another and Brett was touring with Nations Afire. We also had Zoli band but it is not likely that Zoli band would happen again. “It is not likely but who knows. Some people liked it and it was a fun time. To be honest we are open for everything but everyone is pretty busy with his own life, work at home, new businesses and also Ignite takes a lot of our time”, Brett and Kevin say. Brett also helped former Ignite Member Joe Foster with his new band Last Light. “I’ve been friends with Joe for a long time and one day I started working on some of the songs with these guys: I co-wrote some of the songs and helped producing them”, Brett explains his relation with the Orange County hardcore band Last Light.

IGNITE is a social political band who speaks their mind about social issues, human rights, the environment, animal welfare, the state the world is in, … They play music to make a change. Earlier this year they cancelled a show in Germany with Böhse Önkelz, a major but controversial German rock band. “We don’t know Böhse Önkelz in person and we didn’t knew about the controversy this band creates. We just got a pretty negative response from our fans when we got announced on that show. Because our fans are the most important thing to us, they are our business and to show them our support we cancelled the show. We met the negative response and we certainly would do it again if something like this happens again in the future”, Brett and Kevin explain why they cancelled the show.

If you have seen or heard the “Our Darkest Days’ Live DVD/album you also know that Ignite weren’t president Bush supporters, But what about Trump? Well they are not fans of him either.  “It is hard to say what the future for the USA and the world will bring. Hopefully Trump doesn’t screw up to much so we can all go back to a normal life. We have to see what happens.”, Brett and Kevin add.

Earlier this year the band also re-release the ‘Our Darkest Days’ album on vinyl, on a public demand of the fans asking for vinyl issues of the bands records in general and ‘Our darkest days’ in particular.  Kevin, who is a vinyl enthusiast himself is very pleased about that. Also, keep your ears and eyes open for a new ignite album. The band started working on new songs and they hope to get into the studio somewhere next year.



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