REVIEW: Harsh Realms / Comma Commander – Split

Harsh Realms / Comma Commander – Split
7″ Lost Youth Records / Shield Recordings

The last couple of years a few great punk rock bands has come to the surface, bands like Harsh Realms form the Netherlands (Roosendaal) and Coma Commander from Belgium (Diest). Recently a split 7” with both bands got released on a limited run of 300 copies on blood red vinyl as a co-release between Lost Youth Records (Be) and Shield Recordings (NL).

Like it or not I’m not going to spill a lot of words on this split EP with 3 Harsh Realms songs and 2 Coma Commander songs because, plain and simple, it is a must have for the fans of solid, straightforward mid/up-tempo punk rock with a good rocking beat, nice harmonies, a dose of melancholy and hoarse throats. This split EP is pure gold. 9./10

Track list:
Side A: Harsh Realms 
01. Modern Sinners
02. Striking Distance
03. In Case Of Emergency
Side B: Coma Commander
01.The Untold Story Of The Kid In The Back
02. The Great Stuffed Buffalo


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