REVIEW: Cold As Life – Suffer

Cold As Life – Suffer
7” 2017 Demons Run Amok

Notorious Detroit hardcore band Cold As Life is back with a new release: a 2 track 7” called Suffer released by Demons Run Amok. With only drummer Roy Bates as the last founding member you can hardly call this band the legendary Cold As Life, let’s just say they are back in a renewed version.

Still this 7” offers some brutal, raw, full of anger and metal influenced hardcore built on an old school hardcore foundation with ‘Suffer’ being a more uptempo track and with ‘For The few’ lowering the speed to a more mid-tempo track. Guess this all sounds Like the original Cold As Life doesn’t it?

Honestly I’m not sure if Cold As Life will break some pots and pans within the hardcore scene or if they will be of any relevance nowadays but let’s wait what the future brings. Suffer certainly is a more then decent 7” if you are into this kind of hardcore so the fans can pick it up without hesitation. 7.5/10

Track list:

1. Suffer
2. For The Few


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