REVIEW: For I Am – All About Perspectives

For I Am – All About Perspectives
CD/ LP 2017 Bearded Punk Records, Trilob, Infected Records, Disconnect Disconnect Records

The last couple of years the Belgian female fronted pop punk band ‘For I Am’ is making a name for themselves. I was pretty impressed back in 2015 when they released their first EP ’15 Minutes Late’ loaded with decent well-structured pop punk songs including good vocals, nice backings, …

Listening to ‘All About Perspectives’, I’m still impressed by the quality of the songs. For I Am keep proving that they have the skills to make great pop (punk) songs but also ass kicking punk rock tunes. The experience they gained the last couple of years is dripping from this new record. ‘For I Am’ and ’All About Perspectives’ are still highly recommended! 9,5/10

Track list
1. Simpleton For President
2. Nightburn
3. Or Was It Steve
4. It’s You
5. Wayward
6. An Unusual Kind of Magic
7. Linda
8. Laundry Man
9. Home For Summer
10. Rob’s Story
11. Sticky Sweet
12. (Make It Out) Alive


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