REVIEW: Dragness – Momunental Moves and Unattainable goals

Dragness – Momunental Moves and Unattainable goals
CD2107 DIY

Dragness is a 3 piece punk rock band from Nashville TN, USA founded in 2014. The band is fronted by Tyler Dragness (Riotgun, Scaredycat) on vocals and guitar, Tate Avery (Sissy Mena, North to the future) on drums and Steve Poulton (Altered Statesman) on Bass. Earlier this year they released their début 8 track album ‘Monumental Moves and Unattainable Goals’.

‘Monumental Moves and Unattainable Goals’ has some fast forward, punk rock to offer with a good rocking beat and a good variations in styles, sound and vibe. The overall sound has a high dose of garage rock giving it an extra pinch of raw and unpollished sound at times. The third song ‘New destruction’ even has a high Tiger Army vibe but without the psychobilly bass. ‘Monumental Moves and Unattainable Goals’ is a very enjoyable album and a more than decent punk album. For the fans who like their punk stuffed with rock and roll. 8/10

Track list:
1. Cocktail
2. Killer Scenes
3. New destruction
4. Inclined to drink
5. Coins on my eyes
6. Pop song
7. Distressed
8. Cling wrap

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