REVIEW: AK-47 – Burn Out The Rats

AK-47 – Burn Out The Rats
CD 2017 DIY

This AK-47 are a bunch of old Canadian punx that play hardcore punk for love of the music and the message. Recently they released a new album called ‘Burn Out The Rats’ which comes in a shiny disc packed with 31 short and fast songs in 41 minutes.

What you get is pissed off hardcore punk songs inspired by shitty things that happen(d) in this world like: soldiers that killed civilians (including young kids), racism, police brutality, child molestation, injustice, …So with all the fucked up things that go around AK-47 can easily write 31 raw punk songs to express their anger. 31 songs are a lot to handle but it is only 41 minutes and the metal alike riffs from time to time make it all bearable. Nothing outstanding but decent activists punk for liked minded souls and a wake up call for all the rest. 7/10

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