REVIEW: Badger – Sett

Badger – Sett
CD/tape 2017 Lost Youth Records

Badger … Sett … Go.

Badger is a pretty new punk band from Belgium who recently released their first EP ‘Sett’. Punk does not cover it all because the Badger sound is richer than that: it has element from (post)hardcore, metal and even stoner rock with a DIY attitude. The EP starts with a treatening sounding and a bid lingering track applicable called ‘Finish’. ‘Weekend’ has a higher tempo and is a more pounding track while ‘Wolves’ seem to combine both. The Final track ‘Jihad’ start with a kind off military beat (which comes back at times during the song) and the song ends with a Disney alike outro. Overall Sett offers a nice blend of styles and a divers sound of draging tones and pounding beats. Heavy with a treatening and dark feel, its like the shadow of Mordor hanging over their shoulders. 7.5/10

1. Finish
2. Weekend
3. Wolves
4. Jihad


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