REVIEW: Dowzer – So much for Silver Linings

Dowzer – So much for Silver Linings
CD/LP/tape/digital 2017 Shield Recordings, Umlaut Records, Waterslide Records Trilob Records

I have been following Dowzer for many years now and honestly ‘So much for Silver Linings’ is wihtout hesitation their best work to date. Its is a great blend of punkrock and pop bulking with great melodies, nice vocal harmonies and powerful tunes. There is a lot of energy and even some modesty coming from this album. ‘So much for Silver Linings’ is one of those albums you can easily put on repeat without getting bored out. A song as ‘No One Knows’ give me goosebumbs everytime the first notes kick in.

Dowzer fans has to get their copy wihtout hesitation. If you don’t know Dowzer but are a fan of punkrock and pop punk you also should not hesitate and get a copy, you will not regret it. 9/10.

1. Scenes Are For Sinners
2. Hindsight Bias Blues
3. Broken Record
4. No One Knows
5. Making Waves
6. On The Beat Of Repentance
7. Scars
8. Back-Up Plan
9. A Swo,g And A Miss
10. Glimpses


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