Passion for vinyl: Seppe Van Ael

Introduce yourself?
I’m Seppe and I play bass in a new female-fronted hardcore punk band called CLCKWS. I also founded RockXXL five years ago. It’s a website/organization where I write reviews and organize a lot of punk, rock and hardcore shows.

Why your passion for vinyl?
I started out as a collector of cd’s. A few years ago, when vinyl was becoming a hype, I also started collecting vinyl. I always thought it was a waste of money because I already had so many cd’s and yes, all my money is now going to vinyl records, but it’s worth it! I like the sound of vinyl, the artwork and all the possibilities you can get from colours to sizes of the records.

Which turntable do you use?
A “House of Marley Stir It Up”. It’s a Bob Marley signature. No more links to this guy, but how cool does this turntable look?

What are your 5 favourite records?
It’s very difficult to put them in order but I think this is what it looks like:

  1. Creeper – Eternity, In Your Arms

This one is relatively new. I first fell in love with their previous EP: ‘The Stranger’. I was so happy when I found a copy and I saw them live once in Hasselt. I preordered their new full album ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’ and it’s just sooo good! It’s some new kind of emo punk, you either love it or you hate it.

  1. The Distillers – Sing Sing Death House

One of the first punk bands I really liked were The Distillers. They already broke up when I found out about them. It’s straight forward punk rock with a raw female voice. Their breakthrough album ‘Sing Sing Death House’ is the definition of punk rock itself!

  1. Nightwish – Imaginaerum

My interest in heavier music started with this one band: Nightwish. While everybody was hating on their second singer they released ‘Imaginaerum’. This album is a rollercoaster to a lot of styles and emotions. I think this one is more like a piece of art instead of music.

  1. Taylor Swift – Red

So simple, so catchy, so full of love, so happy, … Every song on ‘Red’ from Taylor Swift is just perfect. No more words needed!

  1. John Coffey – Bright Companions

John Coffey where friends from friends. I first saw them perform live at Groezrock 2012 on the smallest stage playing for no more than 40 people. Two years later after their release of ‘Bright Companions’ they were booming. Listen to the album and you’ll know why. Oh, a funny detail: I’m part of the backcover. I found out two years after the release.

What is your favourite album cover?
This is definitely the hardest question! I think I’ll go with Creeper – The Stranger. There’s just so much to think about if you look at this relatively simple cover.

Original or repress?
Simple: the one that sounds the best.

Black, Colour or Picture disc?
I would lie if I say I don’t care about coloured records and picture discs. I just want to make sure that the colour is not uglier than a basic black record.

A vinyl tip
Treat your records like your girlfriend! If you see something you really like, just buy it. Maybe it will be hard to find afterwards and you will regret it. Story of my life…



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