REVIEW: Destroy-Oh-Boy – S/T

Destroy-Oh-Boy – S/T
LP 2017 Monster Zero Records

Earlier this year the punkband Destroy-Oh-Boy released their selftitled début album on Monster Zero Records. This punk rock’n’roll outfit from the Netherlands combine garage rock and punkrock to a catchy, swinging whole on their début album.

All the songs are by Destroy-Oh-Boy except for ‘Back In The City’ which is a cover from The Devil Dogs. This album will definitely be appreciated by the fans of bands as Zeke, Turbonegro, the Ramones and ofcourse the New Bomb Turks but what would you expect form a band that called themselves after a New Bomb Turks album. If you are a fan of punk rock with a rock’n’roll beat you thave to take this rollercoaster ride called Destroy-Oh-Boy, they will make you scream for more in the end. 8/10

Track list:
1. Take That Dick Boy
2. Retoxicated
3. Tropical Heat
4. Let’s Go
5. Don’t Come Closer
6. Anal Invaders
7. Dick for Brains
8. Hello Bitch
9. Head First Going Down
10. Riding Low
11. Back in the City
12. Deathwish Kamikaze


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