REVIEW: Spirits – Unrest

Spirits – Unrest
LP/Cassette/Digital 2017 via State of Mind Recordings (USA), Useless Pride Records (FR), Here and Now Records (IT), and Ride & Hun Records (DE).

Last month Boston sXe outfit Spirits released their second full lenght album ‘Unrest’. Its the follower to their 2015 full lengt début ‘discontent’ which was well appreciated here. After only listening to a few songs I could conclude that this is an album I but also you, hardcore and edge fanatics would love.

UNREST clocks in at 24 minutes and 37 seconds and is packed with 12 hardcore punk songs with old school hardcore and melodic hardcore roots. Twelve songs in a good Spirits tradtion: hard hitting, energetic and fast forward. Not a shallow case filled with heavy tunes just to mosh on but loaded with committed hardcore, emotion and socio-political messages. Check it, you will love it. 9/10

Track list:
1. Human Credential
2. Fearful Symmetry
3. OSU
4. The Syndicate
5. Adopt Don’t Shop
6. Unruhe
7. Eyes of Love
8. Cerulean Blue
9. Learn The Hard Way
10. Anesthetized
11. El Mundo Gira
12. OR7



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