REVIEW: Generation 84 – Relentless

Generation 84 – Relentless
CD 2017 Thanks but no thanks records, Morning Wood Records, Indelirium Records

As a Belgian I always found myself blessed growing up with a load of great Belgian punk and hardcore bands, bands that I could go and see live somewhere every weekend. Some of those bands/members became friends or good acquaintances over the years. Getting older I’ve seen a lot of those bands come and go … it all moves in waves with its up and downs. I still am convinced that we should support our local bands more. It seems that it, in a way, is more accepted to embrace foreign bands without hesitation instead of our own bands. Bands like Generation 84 can use it.

Besides Young Hearts, For I Am, Steele Justice, F.O.D., The Spacelys, Toxic Shock, … and a shitload of other bands worth mentioning Generation 84 is still one of my most favourite bands and with their latest album ‘Relentless’ they just keep on proving why. Although the band has undergone some line-up changes over the years they are a solid punk rock formation that, in my opinion, always released quality albums. Relentless has everything a good punk rock album needs to have: straightforward, high energy socio political punk, a good 90s skatepunk vibe, good harmonies and nice melodies and great singalongs.  It keeps the punk into punk rock.

Keepers of the punk you should all get this one it is awesome 9/10.

Track list:
1. Potemkin Smile
2. Turn Your Cheek
3. Blistered Hands
4. Black On Stage
5. Razor Wired Sleepwalkers
6. Empty Shot Glass
7. Redeemer
8. Bedtime Stories
9. Presidential Dump
10.Rolling With The Punches
Let’s do this EP bonus tracks
11. Trying To Belong
12. The Backfire Effect
13. Take It To The Floor
14. Childish Game
15. Production Line


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