REVIEW: Charlie Bit My Finger – Third Time’s A Farm

Charlie Bit My Finger – Third Time’s A Farm
CD 2017 Bearded Punk Records / Thousand Islands Records

This 5-piece Belgian band released its first album in 2015 and recently the follower ‘Third Time’s A Farm’ saw the day of light. It is a co-release by Bearded Punk Records (B) and Thousand Islands Records (Can).

‘Third Time’s A Farm’ is a twelve track album for the fans of straightforward 90s inspired melodic punk rock with good variations in tempo, nice riffs, clean vocals, singalongs and a twist of Millencolin. Added some humor to the mix and you have it. It might all sound familiar but its done in style. Charlie Bit My Finger is another band from our homeland who released a pretty fine album making us proud to be part of this scene. 8/10

Track list:
1. Leap Of Faith
2. Part Of The Plan
3. Act like You Care
4. Coming Home
5. Move On Alone
6. The Gril Next Door
7. Cow A Bunga
8. Questionmark With a ‘K’
9. Strong
10. This Is Who I Am
11. Mr. Brown
12. Mindset. GO!


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