REVIEW: Saturdays Heroes – Pineroad

Saturdays Heroes – Pineroad
CD 2017 Lövely Records

Pineroad is the third release by this Swedish outfit that goes by the name ‘Saturdays Heroes’. 

This band has in one way a very familiar sound but that’s not really a surprise when you come from the land of ‘Satanic Surfers’, ‘No Fun At All’ and ‘Randy’ and play punk rock. So expect melodic punkrock in a Swedish tradition but spiced up with some good old fashioned American punk with a rock and roll attitude known from bands as Social Distortion and Streetdogs. If you add some Bob Dylan alike folky elements than you have a pretty good idea what Pineroad by Saturdays Heroes is all about. 

Opening track ‘Celebrate Nothing’ sets a nice standard but unfortunately not all songs are equal in quality but overall this is a more than decent album. 8/10

Track list:
1. Celebrate nothing
2. Rebel
3. Lizzie
4. My Fight
5. Declaration of Youth
6. Pineroad
7. The Shame
8. Back For You
9. Demons
10. The Storm
11. When We Fight
12. Long Live The King


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